Quick Start



Athena's features can be accessed via the modules available via the primary sidebar menu. Familiarize yourself with the modules available within the Athena Intelligence platform.


Chat is where you engage Athena in a conversation so you can guide her to perform data workflows alongside you and on your behalf.

Learn how to get the most out of chatting with Athena in our chat guides.


Reports enable you to transform data insights into structured narrative-driven documents that you can share with your team.

Get started translating data into structured reports in reports.


The Query Editor module is where users can query connected databases and other structured data through SQL queries with Athena's copilot and autonomous assistance.

Take a deep dive into how Athena helps run queries for your data workflows via our Query guides.


Notebooks in Athena provide a seamless way to execute code and share it with others. You can use Notebooks to run code, visualize data, and share your findings with your team.

Familiarize yourself with using Notebooks in Athena in Notebooks.


The Spaces module offers visual-centric AI features for users to explore. In spaces, users can manipulate objects on an endless canvas and collaborate with Athena using multimodal AI features.

Get up to speed on Spaces in Spaces.


Tasks are conversation-starters for common data workflows, with guardrailed execution and robust outputs.

Learn more via our Run tasks guide.