Attach Documents


Engage in conversations with ease by attaching documents directly within the chat interface of Athena Intelligence. This feature streamlines collaboration, allowing you to share important files quickly and securely.

Step by step: Attach documents

  1. From the Chat interface, select "+" button next to the message box at the bottom of the chat interface.

  2. From the popup, select the report you want to discuss.

  3. Note the Selected Report has been attached and then click Confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can attach multiple documents by selecting them in the dialog box during the attachment process.

  • The maximum file size for attachments will depend on Athena Intelligence's current specifications, which you can find in the settings or help section.

  • A notification or visual confirmation, such as a 'Sent' indicator, will appear once the document is successfully uploaded and sent.

  • If the platform allows, you may be able to delete the attached document from the conversation. Look for an option or button near the document entry in the chat.