Spaces (Beta)

Select request


Perform actions on uploaded images in Spaces on Athena.

Step by step: Select request

  1. Navigate to the Spaces module from the main navigation menu

  2. Upload or paste your image into the Image Upload Box

  3. Click the Ask Athena Button to view request type options

  4. Select your desired request type such as Analyze, Transcribe, or Execute

  5. Click Next to proceed with the selected request type

  6. Wait for Athena to process and display the results

Request Type Selection

Image Upload Essentials

Ensure your image file meets Athena's upload criteria for a smooth request process. Supported formats and size limits are crucial for successful image analysis.

Choosing the Right Request

Selecting the correct request type determines the analysis Athena will perform. Analyze for insights, Transcribe for text extraction, or Execute for custom actions.

Request Execution

After selecting a request, Athena processes the image. The 'Execution Status' indicator keeps you informed until the 'Result Output' displays your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Athena supports common image formats. Check the 'Image Upload Box' for specific supported file types.

  • Monitor the 'Execution Status' indicator. Once it changes from 'Executing...' to complete, your results will appear in the 'Result Output' area.

  • Yes, you can cancel a request. However, it's best to wait for the process to complete to ensure data integrity.