Spaces (Beta)

Transcribe image


The 'Transcribe image' feature within Spaces enables you to extract written content from images, simplifying data entry archival tasks.

Step by step: Transcribe image

  1. Navigate to the main sidebar and select Spaces

  2. Select Image Upload or Copy to insert your image into Athena

  3. Select Request Type Selection and choose Transcribe

  4. Click Ask Athena to initiate the transcription process

  5. Review the transcribed text in the result output area

Image Transcription Accuracy

Athena Intelligence employs advanced OCR technology to ensure high accuracy in transcribing text from images. However, the clarity of the image and the legibility of the text can affect the outcome. For best results, use high-resolution images with clear, unobstructed text.

Editing Transcribed Text

After transcription, Athena Intelligence allows you to edit the text directly within the 'Result Output' area. This feature ensures that you can make necessary corrections or adjustments to the transcribed text, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Athena Intelligence's transcription capabilities include printed text. Handwriting transcription may vary in accuracy and is dependent on legibility.

  • Athena Intelligence supports a range of image sizes. For optimal transcription, ensure your image is clear and the text is readable.

  • For improved accuracy, use high-resolution images with minimal background noise and ensure the text is well-lit and legible.

  • Athena Intelligence supports multiple languages for transcription. Ensure you select the correct language setting before transcribing your image.