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Athena Reports allow you to create and collaborate on documents that are AI-native, enabling seamless interaction with Athena and real-time collaboration with colleagues.

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Real-Time Collaboration Editing

Athena Reports supports real-time collaboration. Simply send your colleague the link to the Report. They can open it in their browser and you can both edit together. You will be able to see their cursor location indicating where in the document they are.

Chat with Athena

Use the Chat button in the upper right hand corner to chat with Athena. Athena can "see" your report, so she knows what you are working. You can try that out by just asking her to summarize your Report thus far.

You can insert Chat messages into the report by using the left-arrow icon next to a message. You can have Athena researching and writing content for you and then insert it with the click of a button!

Slash Commands

Type a forward slash like - / in your Report to bring up the Slash Commands menu. This will be familiar with any users of Notion or similar note-taking applications. You can use Slash Commands to add formatting like headers and bulleted-lists to your report.

And you can use Athena directly in your report from the Slash Command Menus. Simply select one of the Athena commands from that menu and small form will be inserted into your document. Submit the required information and then Athena will execute the task in the background before returning the result to your report.