Run Tasks


Tasks are conversation-starters for common data analysis workflows where Athena can provide real time assistance. Athena makes complex data operations a set of straightforward tasks that she can perform, guided by you.

Step by step: Running tasks

  1. From Home, find a task that matches your current workflow needs and click run

  2. Configure your datasets and start calling on Athena to assist


Task Use Cases

Athena platform provides conversation starters tailored towards specific use cases.


Use case

Document a Dataset

Complex data pipelines

Visualize Data

Data analysis

Find Related Tables and Fields

Data ecosystem understanding

Document Multiple Datasets

Establishing connections among datasets

Suggest Promising Joins for a Topic

Optimizing data structure

Generate Health Checks

Data cleaning

Improve or Troubleshoot a Snippet of Code

Code optimization

Generate Synthetic Data

Testing / Demo data

Ongoing Dialog

Athena will request additional context and provide options for you to select during the course of a conversation. Your input ensures tasks align with your data analysis objectives.

Equipping with Tools

Utilize the available tools and resources to aid in your task. Learn more in chat tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can initiate multiple tasks in sequence, but each task will run one at a time to ensure accuracy in execution.

  • Athena will provide a notification within the Chat module once the task has finished processing.

  • You can cancel a task by issuing a cancel command within the Chat interface before the task completes.

  • Task availability may depend on your data configuration and the AI models selected in the Settings