Use Browse


Use the Browse feature in Athena Intelligence to navigate web pages and perform tasks like taking screenshots, saving content, and running quick commands directly from the chat sidebar.

Use Browse

Sample Workflow: Web UI Capture

  1. Click on the Browse option in the left sidebar

  2. Select the Navigate quick command in the chat sidebar

  3. Enter a URL and press enter

  4. Ask Athena "tell me which links are on the page" in the chat sidebar

  5. Type "take a screenshot of the current page" in the chat sidebar and press Enter

  6. Type "Save contents to drive" in the chat sidebar and press Enter

Quick Commands

The chat sidebar in Athena Intelligence's Browse feature offers several quick commands to help you navigate and manage your browsing session efficiently.

The Navigate command allows you to go to a specific URL. Simply type the URL into the input field, and the platform will display the webpage. This feature supports seamless exploration within the Athena Intelligence platform by allowing direct navigation from the chat sidebar.

You can take a screenshot of the current webpage by using the Take Screenshot command. This command captures an image of the browser's current view, which can then be saved for future reference. The screenshot can be of the full page or just the visible portion, depending on your needs.

The Save Contents to Drive command enables you to save the entire content of the current webpage to your drive. This is useful for storing important information or data found during your browsing session. The saved content can then be accessed and reviewed later.

Use Quick Commands

In the chat sidebar, you can find a variety of quick commands to help you navigate and use Browse. Commands include 'Navigate' to visit URLs, 'Screenshot' to capture the current view, and 'Save as HTML' to store content. Use these to streamline your tasks and improve workflow efficiency.

These quick commands include:

  • Visualize

  • Search

  • Navigate

  • Screenshot

  • Save To Drive

  • Save HTML to Drive

Using these commands in the chat sidebar can enhance your experience by adding efficiency and flexibility to your data exploration and analysis tasks in Athena Intelligence.

Manual Navigation

If the system struggles during a workflow in Browse, you can take over and navigate in manual mode. This allows you or the agent to control the browser and finish tasks or help the system get unstuck.

When you encounter issues with the system performing a task, you can switch to manual mode and continue navigating the browser. Both you and the agent have the ability to control the browser, ensuring that tasks are completed even if the system has difficulties.

Take Control When Needed

You can manually navigate if the system struggles to perform a task. This gives you or the agent the ability to finish tasks or help the system get unstuck. Use manual mode for more accurate control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can open Browse by selecting it from the left-hand sidebar or by typing 'Browse' in the search bar.

  • The Navigate command allows you to enter a URL in the chat sidebar, and the system will browse to that URL.

  • To save a screenshot, use the take screenshot command in the chat sidebar. The screenshot will be saved to your drive for future reference.

  • Manual control lets you navigate if the system struggles with a task. You or the agent can take over, finish workflows, or help the system get unstuck.