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The Library is a launch pad to the rest of the Athena Intelligence application. You can use it quickly access Olympus Apps and Tasks

Video Overview:

These app icons link to each of the different apps. These are the same as if you clicked them from the sidebar.

Task Collection

A task is a pre-scripted unit of work that Athena is ready to execute right away. These range from simple web searches to writing full research reports. There are also many tasks to help you understand and work with a dataset.

To run a task simply click the "Load" or "Run" button. Athena will prompt you for any further information that she requires.

Task Examples

Research Metrics Online

This task is great for quickly finding a numeric answer. For example, any of these prompts would yield great results from the task:

  • What is the estimated market size of the alternative milk industry?

  • What is the growth of US GDP over the last 3 years?

  • What is the revenue of the 5 largest companies by market cap in the US?

Advanced Research Reports

This task is great for generating extensive research reports. You simply input the topic you want Athena to research and she will return a lengthy report back to your Drive. The following examples yield great research reports:

  • Create a competitive landscape analysis of the electric vehicle market

  • Research the alternative milk industry and provide a general overview