The entry point to the Athena platform is the Library page, where you can access most popular features and workflows.


Navigate around Athena via the left sidebar navigation menu which appears in full on hover. From here you can navigate to Inbox, Reports, Drive, Notebooks, Spaces and more. You can get up to speed on these features in our dedicated guide for Modules.

The primary content area on the homepage consists of featured tasks. Click on a task to kick off a specific workflow like Web Research.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To navigate the sidebar module, simply hover the pane located the left-hand side of the dashboard. This will expand the module and display the available options for navigation.

  • Yes, you can multitask with conversations in Athena Intelligence. The platform allows you to engage in multiple conversations simultaneously, making it easy to manage and switch between different discussions.

  • Yes, the Query Editor in Athena Intelligence provides assistance for data querying. It offers copilot workflows to help you write and optimize your queries effectively.

  • Yes, notebook sessions are retained in Athena Intelligence. You can close the notebook and return to it later to continue your work without losing any data or progress.