Spaces (Beta)

Space AI


Space AI is a feature in Athena that uses artificial intelligence to enhance your workspace experience. It provides intelligent recommendations and automates repetitive tasks to help you work more efficiently. With Space AI, you can streamline your workflow and focus on the tasks that matter most to you.

  1. Navigate to Space AI via the main sidebar

  2. Select request type and set preferences

  3. Review the results

Space AI Capabilities

Space AI offers a wide range of capabilities for data analysis, including data exploration, natural language querying, causal analysis, report generation, impact assessment, root cause identification, and forecasting. These capabilities provide users with the tools they need to analyze and interpret data effectively, enabling data-driven decision-making across various domains.

Task Analysis




To examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation.


To put (thoughts, speech, or data) into written or printed form.


To carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action).

Customizing Space AI

Customize Space AI settings to tailor the output to your specific needs. Adjusting these settings allows for a more personalized experience, ensuring that the AI output aligns with your unique requirements. By customizing Space AI, you can optimize the platform to deliver results that are tailored to your specific use case, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the AI technology.

Choosing response length and format

When crafting responses in Athena, consider the audience and purpose of the communication. Keep it concise and to the point for quick understanding, and use a format that is easy to follow such as bullet points or numbered lists for complex information.