Connect Data

Data connections


Learn how to connect and store datasets to Athena for real-time analysis, querying, and execution.

Admin Only Feature

Live data source connections are accessible only to users with admin level privileges.

Step by step: Data Connections

  1. Access Data Connection via main menu

  2. Identify specific data connection and click Connect

Note: Database Connections are available exclusively via enterprise plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To integrate multiple warehouses with Athena Intelligence, you can use the data connectors feature to establish connections with each warehouse. This allows you to access and analyze data from multiple sources within the platform.

  • If you encounter data connection errors, you can troubleshoot by checking the connection settings, ensuring that the correct credentials are used, and verifying the accessibility of the data source. Additionally, you can refer to the error messages for specific guidance on resolving the issue. Contact our Forward Deployed Team if you need further assistance.