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Athena Sheets are AI-first spreadsheets designed for collaboration with Athena.

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You can with Athena in the sidebar by clicking the Chat button. When you have cells in your spreadsheet selected Athena is able to see them and reference them in chat. You can have Athena use those selected cells as input for other actions or ask for help writing formulas.

athena() Custom Function

Athena is accessible via the =athena() function. The function accepts text as input. Athena will respond to that similarly to a chat message. The output of the message will be returned into the cell that contains the function.

Real-Time Collaboration

Athena Sheets supports real-time collaboration. Simply send the URL of your spreadsheet to your colleague and they will be able to work in your Sheet with you.

General Spreadsheet Operations

Athena Sheets works very similarly to Google Sheets or Excel. All of the formulas that you know and love should work the same way.