Research Metrics on a Market and Calculate TAM, SAM, SOM


Explore market metrics and calculate TAM, SAM, and SOM using Athena to gain insights into market opportunities and potential.

Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Open the Athena platform and log in.

  2. Navigate to the relevant section in the vertical menu on the left.

  3. Collect market data using the data exploration and query tools.

  4. Analyze the retrieved market data with Athena's causal analysis and reporting tools.

  5. Calculate TAM (Total Addressable Market), SAM (Serviceable Available Market), and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) using the provided calculation tools.

  6. Review and interpret the calculation results displayed in the main content area.

  7. Use the 'Download' or 'Copy' buttons if you need to save or share the results.

Market Research Metrics

Data Collection Methods

Athena Intelligence offers several methods for collecting market data. The platform's capabilities allow for seamless data acquisition through various means. Here, we will focus on using the natural language interface and integration with existing data sources.

To collect market data, start chatting to Athena. For example, you can ask questions like, 'What is the market size of the dairy alternatives industry in 2024?' or 'Show the growth rate of renewable energy sector for the next five years.' Athena will then fetch the relevant data and display the results.

  • Natural Language Interface: Input queries in plain English to fetch data.

  • Data Source Integration: Link Athena with internal databases, third-party providers, or cloud storage for automatic data collection.

Analyzing Market Data

To analyze market data within Athena Intelligence, you can use the platform's causal analysis models and report generation tools. These features help you understand market trends and present your findings effectively.

The causal analysis models in Athena Intelligence allow you to explore the relationships between different market variables. This helps you identify the factors driving market changes and their potential impacts.

Once your analysis is complete, you can use the report generation tools to compile your findings. These tools enable you to create detailed reports that include visualizations, summaries, and key insights. You can customize these reports to meet your specific needs.

Athena Intelligence also provides options to download or share your reports, making it easy to distribute your analysis to your team or stakeholders.

Performing Calculations

To perform TAM, SAM, and SOM calculations using Athena Intelligence, follow these steps to input data, run calculations, and interpret the results.

Begin by navigating to the Reports section through the vertical menu on the left side of the screen. Select the relevant report or create a new one if needed.

Once you have your report, proceed to input your data. Use the natural language interface to query the required data for your market analysis. For example, you can input data for market size, growth rates, or other relevant metrics. The platform supports a variety of data formats and sources.

With your data in place, initiate the calculation process by navigating to the Calculations Results section. Here, you will find options for Average CAGR Calculation, US Market Size Calculation, and TAM-SAM-SOM Calculation for a New Player.

Select the TAM-SAM-SOM Calculation for a New Player option. Input the relevant data, such as total addressable market (TAM), serviceable available market (SAM), and serviceable obtainable market (SOM). Review the assumptions and values input to ensure accuracy.

Once calculations are complete, review the results displayed in the Calculations Results section. The results will show market size in USD billion for the upcoming years, along with detailed TAM, SAM, and SOM values.

To interpret the results, observe the values presented in the tables.

For further transparency, you can review execution logs and code snippets used for the calculations by navigating to the Athena Execution Logs section.

  • Select Download or Copy options to save the results for future reference.

  • Use the Auto-Format or Explore buttons in the Athena Execution Logs section for better clarity and navigation.

Using Calculation Results

The results from your TAM, SAM, and SOM calculations can inform your decision-making process by providing insights into market opportunities and potential strategies. These metrics help you understand the total available market, the serviceable available market, and your specific share of the market.

To visualize your results, use the Visualize button at the bottom of the Calculations Results screen. This feature allows you to create visual representations of your data, making it easier to interpret trends and patterns.

When you need to create detailed documents, the Compile Datasheet and Compile Report buttons are useful. The Compile Datasheet option generates a summarized table of your data, which is ideal for quick reference. The Compile Report option, on the other hand, helps you create a comprehensive report that includes all relevant details and visualizations.

Make Calculations Count

Use calculation results to guide your strategic planning and make informed decisions. Accurate data helps you identify opportunities and navigate challenges effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TAM stands for Total Addressable Market. It represents the total revenue opportunity available if a product or service achieves complete market penetration.

  • You can analyze data using Athena Intelligence's Data Exploration and Causal Analysis features. Use the natural language interface for querying and report generation for detailed insights.

  • You can find logs in the Athena Intelligence platform under the Athena Execution Logs section. Use the vertical navigation menu to locate this section.

  • To visualize data in Athena Intelligence, use the Visualize button located at the bottom of your calculation results in the main content area.