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Athena Notebooks integrate Jupyter notebook functionality with additional AI features, making it easier for you to collaborate with Athena and get work done.

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Chat with Athena

You can collaborate with Athena while you work. She can "see" your notebook and your currently selected cell. So if you are stuck on something, just pop open the sidebar and ask for help or to write the code for you!

Athena Jupyter Command

In Jupyer notebooks the double percentage signs "%%" are cell magic commands. You can use Athena directly by using the %%ai athena command followed by your prompt your request.

You can use the -f code flag to have Athena insert the output of your into your notebook as a cell. The full command then looks like:

%%ai athena -f code

Athena SDK

You can use the Athena SDK from directly within the Athena Notebooks.

The Athena SDK enables you to:

  • Generate Large-Language Model responses

  • Search and Browse the Web

  • Scrape URLs

  • Use tool-based workflows

  • and more!

You can started using the Athena SDK by initializing it with your API Key.

Your Athena API key is automatically injected into your Jupyter notebook. Simply initialize the Athena client like the code below and you are ready to go!

from athena.client import Athena
from athena import Model, Tools, LlmModel
import pandas as pd
import os
import time

# Your API key is automatically set in the environment for you

# This initializes the Athena Client
athena = Athena(