Interact with Documents and Extract Knowledge

Once you have connected a document, you can use Athena in Chat to interact with it and extract relevant information.

Open a document

To open a document, click on it and select "Chat" in the sidebar on the right.

Use in-context actions

Once you open a document, you can click on suggested actions above the input bar to kick off the document exploration. Use "Summarize" to get a high-level overview and "Explore" to have Athena create a document outline.

Retrieve information from a document

Once you know what information you can extract from a document, you can ask Athena to retrieve it for use elsewhere.

Example: Extract growth drivers for Tesla from its 10-K report.

Attach reports and cross-reference information

Athena can leverage the document context to enrich or cross-reference its contents with information from any Athena report. Here are some example use cases:

  • Set up a template structure of questions and formatting for the knowledge you want to extract from a document.

  • Fact-check a report you're writing with the data points from a document.