Cowrite Reports with Athena


Athena's reports editor has a suite of built-in AI tools to accelerate your report creation process.

AI in the Reports Editor

Text Transformation Features




Breaks down complex sentences, making them easier to understand without losing the original meaning.

Fix Spelling & Grammar

Corrects any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, ensuring your report is polished and professional.

Make Shorter

Condenses the text, making it more concise while retaining the essential information.

Make Longer

Expands on the highlighted text, adding more detail or context where necessary.

Change Tone

Adapts the tone of the text to suit different audiences or purposes. Options include Academic, Business, Casual, Child-friendly, Conversational, Emotional, Humorous, Informative, Inspirational, Memeify, Narrative, Objective, Persuasive, Poetic, and more.


Provides a brief summary of the highlighted text, capturing the key points in a nutshell.


Adds a playful touch by incorporating emojis relevant to the text's content.


Offers translation into multiple languages, making your report accessible to a broader audience.

Complete Sentence

Helps finish incomplete thoughts or sentences, ensuring your text flows smoothly.