Spaces (Beta)

Draw in Space


Drawing Tools in Athena allow you to create and edit visual elements with ease. These tools provide a range of options for adding shapes, lines, and annotations to your designs, making it simple to communicate your ideas visually. With Drawing Tools, you can enhance your projects and collaborate effectively with your team.

Getting Started with Drawing Tools

Tool Selection

When selecting drawing tools, it's important to consider the specific needs of your project. Different tools offer varying levels of precision and control, so it's vital to choose the tool that best suits the task at hand. Take into account factors such as line weight, texture, and brush style to ensure the tool selected aligns with your artistic vision.

Tool Locking

To prevent accidental changes, you can lock specific tools in the Drawing Tools section. This ensures that the tools remain unchanged and helps maintain the integrity of your work. By locking the tools, you can focus on your design without the risk of unintentional modifications.

Drawing and Erasing

The Draw tool allows you to create free-form shapes and lines, while the Eraser tool enables you to remove any unwanted elements from your artwork. Mastering the use of these tools is essential for precise and efficient artwork creation.

Shape Creation

Shapes like rectangles and ellipses can be easily created with precision using the Shape Creation feature. This allows for accurate and efficient design work within the Athena platform.

Adding Text and Notes

When adding text and notes to your canvas in Athena, you have the flexibility to incorporate annotations and textual elements seamlessly. This feature allows for clear communication and collaboration within your data exploration and analysis process.

File and View Management

Manage your canvas with ease using the file and view management features. Zoom in and out to focus on specific areas of your canvas, and utilize the print function to create physical copies of your work. Additionally, you can upload media to enhance your canvas with external content, providing a comprehensive view management experience.

Editing and Transformations

When editing and transforming your canvas in Athena, you have the ability to undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, and perform other essential actions. These features allow for seamless adjustments and modifications to your canvas, ensuring a smooth and efficient editing process.

Advanced Tool Usage

When working with Drawing Tools, you can utilize advanced techniques for grouping, aligning, and transforming objects. Grouping objects allows you to manage multiple elements as a single unit, streamlining your workflow. Aligning objects ensures precision and consistency in the positioning of elements within your design. Transforming objects enables you to modify the size, rotation, and orientation of individual elements, providing flexibility in your creative process.

Keyboard Shortcuts




Toggle Tool Lock


Lock/unlock current tool selection



Select objects or elements



Enable freehand drawing



Remove parts of drawing/objects



Move the canvas



Draw rectangle shapes



Draw ellipse or circle shapes



Draw arrow shapes



Draw straight lines



Add text boxes



Create frames or borders



Add notes or annotations



Pointer tool for presentations

Upload Media

Ctrl + U

Import images or media


Ctrl + P

Print canvas

Toggle Dark Mode

Ctrl + /

Switch between light and dark themes

Toggle Focus Mode

Ctrl + .

Hide non-essential UI elements

Toggle Grid

Ctrl + '

Show/hide grid overlay


Ctrl + Z

Revert the last action


Ctrl + Shift + Z

Reapply an undone action


Ctrl + X

Remove and copy selected elements to clipboard


Ctrl + C

Copy selected elements to clipboard


Ctrl + V

Insert elements from clipboard

Select All

Ctrl + A

Select all elements on canvas



Remove selected elements


Ctrl + D

Copy selected elements

Zoom In

Ctrl + =

Increase zoom level

Zoom Out

Ctrl + -

Decrease zoom level

Zoom to 100%

Shift + 0

Reset zoom to default

Zoom to Fit

Shift + 1

Adjust zoom to fit all elements

Zoom to Selection

Shift + 2

Zoom in on selected elements

Bring to Front


Bring selected elements to top layer

Bring Forward

Alt + ]

Move selected elements up one layer

Send Backward

Alt + [

Move selected elements down one layer

Send to Back


Send selected elements to bottom layer


Ctrl + G

Combine selected elements into a group


Ctrl + Shift + G

Break apart grouped elements

Flip Horizontally

Shift + H

Mirror selected elements horizontally

Flip Vertically

Shift + V

Mirror selected elements vertically

Align Top

Alt + W

Align selected elements to the top edge

Align Vertically

Alt + V

Align selected elements to the vertical center

Align Bottom

Alt + S

Align selected elements to the bottom edge

Align Left

Alt + A

Align selected elements to the left edge

Align Horizontally

Alt + H

Align selected elements to the horizontal center

Align Right

Alt + D

Align selected elements to the right edge