Generating Reports and Datasheets from 10Ks


Generate comprehensive reports and datasheets from 10Ks with ease using Athena Intelligence, transforming data insights into structured, narrative-driven documents.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Generating Reports

  1. Upload your 10K documents by selecting 'Upload' and dragging files into the designated area or by browsing your machine.

  2. Select the uploaded documents and add them to the Workbench using the 'Add to Workbench' option.

  3. Go to the chat interface and start a new conversation.

  4. Ask Athena to retrieve relevant information from the documents.

  5. Compile a report by selecting the 'Compile Report' option in the chat interface.

  6. Append a datasheet to the report by selecting the 'Compile Datasheet' option and adding it to the report.

Using Workbench

Uploading Documents

To upload documents to Athena Intelligence for analysis, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by opening the Athena Intelligence platform and navigating to the Drive section.

  2. Look for the Upload button or icon, usually located prominently on the interface. Click on it to open the upload window.

  3. In the upload window, you will see an area labeled Drop or select files.

    To drag and drop files: Simply drag your files from your computer and drop them into this area.

    To browse and select files: Click on the area to open a file browser window. Navigate to the files you wish to upload, select them, and click Open.

  4. Once your files are added, they will appear in a list within the upload window, showing file names and sizes.

  5. Monitor the upload status to ensure all files are successfully uploaded. Progress indicators or status messages will show the current state of each file upload.

  6. If needed, you can remove individual files by clicking the delete icon (X) next to each file. To remove all files at once, click the Remove All button at the bottom of the window.

  7. After the upload is complete, your documents will be available in Athena Intelligence for further analysis.

Adding Documents to Workbench

To add uploaded documents to the Workbench for further analysis in Athena Intelligence, follow these steps:

First, navigate to the Drive interface, where you will see your documents displayed as cards. Each card includes the document name, size, and upload date. To select documents, click on the icons found on each document card. A blue checkmark will indicate selected documents.

Once you have selected the desired documents, a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. This toolbar includes options such as Unselect, Workbench, and Delete. Click on the Workbench button to add the selected documents to the Workbench.

The Workbench interface will now display the documents you selected. You can verify that the correct documents have been added by checking the list of assets in the Workbench panel. This panel is typically found on the right side of the screen and includes the entries of all selected documents.

You can now proceed with further analysis using the tools and features available in the Workbench.

Analyzing Documents

Retrieving Information via Chat

The chat interface in Athena Intelligence lets you retrieve and interact with information from your documents. To get started, navigate to the chat section from the main menu.

Once you are in the chat interface, you can start a new chat by selecting the appropriate option. This will allow you to ask questions and retrieve specific information from your uploaded documents.

Type your query in the chat box. For example, you might ask Athena to retrieve policies relevant to a specific topic or to find data related to a particular market. Athena will then search through your documents and present the relevant information to you in an organized manner.

As Athena extracts information, it will be displayed in the main chat area in a structured format. This could include numbered sections, summaries, or detailed entries about different topics or companies.

At the bottom of the chat interface, you'll find several action buttons. These include Visualize, Compile Datasheet, and Compile Report. These options allow you to visualize the extracted data, compile it into datasheets, or generate reports directly from the chat interface.

Using these tools, you can easily interact with and analyze the information extracted by Athena, making your data exploration and reporting more efficient.

Ask Clear Questions

For effective results, frame your questions clearly and concisely. This helps the AI understand your needs better.

Compiling Reports and Datasheets

To compile reports and datasheets from extracted information in Athena Intelligence, follow these steps:

Start by naming your report. You can give it a specific title to reflect the focus of your analysis. For example, you might name it "EV Market Analysis" if you are focusing on the electric vehicle market.

Next, add the items you want to include in your report. This could be information extracted from various documents, such as facts, figures, and relevant analyses. You can select multiple documents and add them to your report to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Once you've added the necessary items, initiate the compilation of the report. Simply click on the Compile Report button to start the process. Athena will organize the extracted information into a structured and coherent document.

In addition to the report, you can also compile a datasheet. Click on the Compile Datasheet button to create a structured datasheet that includes key metrics and data points relevant to your analysis.

If needed, you can append the datasheet to your report. This is useful for consolidating all relevant information into one document. To add the datasheet, click on the Add button on the top right corner of the datasheet interface.

After compiling the report and adding the datasheet, your final document will include an executive summary, detailed analysis, data points, and any other relevant sections. This consolidated document can then be used for further analysis or shared with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To upload files in Athena Intelligence, click on the Upload button, then drag and drop your files into the designated area or browse and select files from your computer. You can see the list of uploaded files and manage them within the pop-up window.

  • In Athena Intelligence, select multiple documents from the Drive interface and click on the Workbench button to add them. The Workbench allows you to work with various assets like documents and spreadsheets across the app for analysis.

  • To retrieve information, use the Chat feature in Athena Intelligence. Ask specific questions or request data on topics you need. Athena will analyze the related documents and provide the necessary facts and insights.

  • In Athena Intelligence, compiling reports involves extracted data from documents. Use buttons like Compile Report to create structured reports, including sections for analysis and summaries. You can also add datasheets and other items to your report for comprehensive documentation.