Connect Data

Upload datasets


Learn how to connect and store individual datasets to Athena for real-time analysis, querying, and execution.

Step by step: Upload dataset

  1. Access Datasets via the main menu

  2. Click Upload Data

  3. Upload your CSV via the modal that appears

  4. Title your dataset and specify the datetime and numeric columns

  5. Click Upload to complete the process

CSV file preparation

Data Type Selection

Before uploading, ensure your CSV file columns match the data types conform to the datetime and numeric requirements within Athena.


All datasets connected to Athena can be immediately queried via the Chat module. See Chat (conversations) for a deep-dive into the conversations module.


You are able to use the Query module to interact with complex datasets through advanced SQL queries. Learn more about this feature in Run queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Athena Intelligence, datasets can be used across modules seamlessly. Once a dataset is created, it can be accessed and utilized in various modules for data exploration, analysis, and reporting.

  • Admin data sources can be easily connected to datasets in Athena Intelligence. Simply navigate to the data source connection settings and input the necessary credentials and connection details to establish the link.

  • Athena Intelligence supports a wide range of external data options for datasets, including but not limited to warehourses, databases, and APIs. This allows users to seamlessly integrate external data sources into their datasets for comprehensive analysis.

  • Athena Intelligence imposes certain limitations on dataset uploads, including file size restrictions and supported file formats. Users are advised to refer to the documentation for specific details on dataset upload limitations.