Spaces (Beta)

Upload image


Spaces enables you to upload images directly into the canvas, facilitating visual data analysis and collaboration.

Step by step: Upload image

  1. Navigate to the main sidebar and select Spaces

  2. Locate and click the Image Upload Box in the center of the toolbar

  3. Drag and select the image file or click to upload

  4. Place and resize the image on canvas

Image Request Types

Selection and Execution

You decide the purpose of the uploaded image. Select 'Analyze' to extract data, 'Transcribe' to convert text, or 'Execute' for custom commands.

Athena's Processing

After selecting the request type, Athena processes the image. You view the results in the 'Result Output' section, where Athena displays the analysis or transcription.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Spaces module allows for individual image uploads to ensure each file receives the correct request type and analysis.

  • Athena Intelligence supports common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP for upload and analysis.

  • Once uploaded, you can't edit the image within Athena Intelligence, but you can resize it, move it and change it's opacity.