Spaces (Beta)

Use Spaces


Get familiar with Spaces, a digital whiteboard where you can visually interact with your data to get to know it better.

Connect, collaborate, ideate


One of the best things about Athena Spaces is that you and your team can all work on this digital whiteboard together. It doesn't matter where everyone is; you can all add your bits, make changes, or talk about ideas right there on the screen. It's like all of you standing in front of a big board in a meeting room, but online.


When you have a lot of different things to look at or different projects going on, Athena Spaces lets you organize them onto different pages. It's like having a notebook where each project or part of your work gets its own page. This way, everything stays neat and easy to find.

Sketch ideas

Athena Spaces gives you tools to draw your ideas and also lets you bring in your own stuff, like charts you've made elsewhere, pictures, or documents. It's handy because it means you can put all the pieces of your project in one place, where you can see how they fit together.

Powered by AI

There's a cool feature called "Space AI" that's like having a smart assistant right there with you. You can ask it to look at parts of your work and give you advice or new ideas. It's especially good at helping you make sense of your charts or data, suggesting better ways to show your information or even spotting trends you might not have noticed.

Athena Spaces is all about making it easier for you and your team to work with data. It's a tool that lets you visualize your data in different ways, work together no matter where you are, and keep your projects organized. And with a bit of help from AI, you can get even more out of your data. Whether you're just starting with data analysis or you've been at it for a while, Athena Spaces is designed to make your job a little easier.