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Athena is expert enteprise data analyst that works on-demand and in the background to help you with all data workflows, whether querying, visualization, or SQL and Python execution.

Chat Setup

Model and Dataset

Select LLM model and connect dataset with Athena

Select from a set of powerful LLMs available within Athena. OpenAI GPT-4 [128k] is the default model. Choose from available datasets you have uploaded or upload a new dataset if needed. This allows you to direct the conversation towards specific data you want to analyze or discuss.

Consider Mixtral for Quick Tasks

If you need to complete quick and simple tasks, Mixtral may be a faster and better-suited option. However, for more complex and in-depth tasks, the default option in Athena Intelligence is the best choice.


Athena Chat offers a range of tools (like SQL Explore, Visualize, etc.) that you can select to enhance your conversation. Select tools with purpose in order to set Athena up for success in answering your query.

Tools Comparison




SQL Explore

Explore knowledge base datasets

Query tables schemas, and columns
Execute SQL queries on data warehouse
Visualize data warehouse with charts

Web Search & Browse

Navigate and extract web content

Navigate web
Extract web content
Get topical links, snippets, news

Tasks & Alerts

Leverage tasks

Create, edit, and retrieve tasks


Store chats in email

Send conversation summary to your inbox


Search and query your inbox

Draft, search, view message and threads

Entity Enricher

Data enrichment from 3rd parties

Leverage data for people & companies

Conversation History

What makes Athena Chat powerful is its ability to remember and store your conversations. This means you can build on past discussions, revisit insights, and keep a record of your analytical journey.

Conversation Titles

Label your chats with Titles in order to easily identify useful chats you may want to cross reference in future workflows.

  1. Expand Conversation Menu
    On the right side of the chat, you'll find an option to expand the conversation menu.

  2. Edit Title
    Manually edit the title of the conversation to something more specific or descriptive. Alternatively, Athena Chat can generate a title that summarizes the conversation automatically.

Background Helper

Conversations work even when you close them. While Athenaโ€™s working on something, you can go to another Athena conversation or module and come back later โ€” itโ€™s going to finish its task.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can store chat sessions in Athena Intelligence by using the built-in chat history feature. All conversations are automatically saved and can be accessed at any time for reference or analysis.

  • To select the optimal model in Athena Intelligence, you can use the model selection tool which provides recommendations based on the type of data and analysis you are performing. This helps you choose the most suitable model for your specific needs.

  • Additional tools in Athena Intelligence provide enhanced functionality such as advanced data visualization, predictive analytics, and collaboration features. These tools enable users to gain deeper insights, make more accurate predictions, and work collaboratively on data analysis projects.

  • Yes, you can retrieve past conversations in Athena Intelligence using the chat history feature. This allows you to review previous discussions, extract valuable insights, and track the progression of conversations over time.