Share Reports


In this guide, we explain how you can create, rename, save, and share reports.

Creating, naming, and sharing reports

Create reports

From the Reports list page, click New to create a new report.

You will be taken to an editor with default content that gives you some tips on how to effectively create reports in Athena

Rename reports

You can rename a report in real time by simply editng the heaing title.

You can also click the three dots icon next to a report and select rename from the Reports list.

To rename a report in Athena, simply click on the report name, then select the 'Rename' option from the dropdown menu. Make sure to choose a clear and descriptive name to easily identify the report in the future.

Automatic Report Saving

You don't have to worry about manually saving reports in Athena. They are saved automatically, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your work is always secure and up to date.

Share reports

Click three dots icon next to a report and select Share. This will open a popup where you can toggle workspace access. The workspace access toggle allows your entire team to view the report, making it a collaborative document. If you prefer to keep the report private, ensure this switch is turned off.

Use reports in Chat

Reports can be attached when sending a message in Conversations — use it to give Athena additional context.

  • Only delete reports that you will never need in the future.

  • Athena does enforce any hard limits. Feel free to create as many reports as you need.