Spaces (Beta)

Analyze image


Select from various analysis requests such as transcribe, execute, or custom analysis, when analyzing images in Spaces on Athena.

Step by step: Analyze image

  1. Navigate to the main sidebar and select Spaces.

  2. Click the Image Upload box to upload or paste your image.

  3. Select Ask Athena to choose the type of analysis.

  4. Choose your analysis type from Request Type Options.

  5. Click Next Button after making your selection.

  6. Review the Result Output for Athena's analysis.

Image Analysis Options

Request Type Selection

You decide the type of analysis Athena performs on your image. Options include 'Analyze' for general insights, 'Transcribe' to convert image text to editable format, or 'Execute' for specific commands.

Result Interpretation

After Athena processes your request, the 'Result Output' displays the analysis. This section may contain text, data, or actionable insights depending on the selected analysis type.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Athena Intelligence allows you to analyze one image at a time to ensure precise and focused results.

  • The 'Execution Status' will update to show completion, and the 'Result Output' will display your analysis.

  • Athena Intelligence supports various image formats. Ensure your image is clear and the content is visible for accurate analysis.

  • Yes, after the analysis, you can save the results for future reference or further action within Athena Intelligence.