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The Inbox is your primary entry point for interacting with Athena. It's a chat-like interface for you to interact directly with Athena. You can have Athena browse, help you do web research, write code, create reports, export data, and more.

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Quick Start

  1. Select 'Inbox' from the left-hand sidebar

  2. Select a quick task such as 'Research Metrics Online'

  3. Click 'Send' to process the request

  4. Review Athena's output and continue the conversation


Welcome Tasks

When you enter the Inbox, you will see a set of welcome tasks designed to help you get started quickly. These welcome tasks are a sample of tasks available from the Library . You can click any of these tasks, click submit, and then Athena will start working on it.

Quick Actions

Once you have started a conversation you are can see Quick Actions accessible above the chat input bar. These are preset prompts that work well with Athena. Clicking them will insert a message into the chat input box for you. You can edit the message if needed and then click submit when you are ready.

The quick actions below are "Visualize", "Compile Datasheet", and "Compile Report". Each UI within Athena has different quick actions.

Creating Reports from Chat

You can have Athena compile reports for you from a conversation and easily insert that into Athena Reports. You can do that by:

  • Using the "Compile Report" Quick Action. This will synthesize your conversation thus far.

  • Then click the open icon to open the conversation in a different Athena interface. In this case, select Reports.

  • Then open the Report that you want to insert the message in to. You can select either an existing report or a new one.

  • Find the message that you want to insert into the report. On the right side of the message there will be a left-arrow icon. Click that to insert that message directly into the report.

Open Menu:

Add Icon:

Using Voice Commands

You can speak directly to Athena instead of typing.

First, make sure you have given Athena access to your microphone. Click the microphone icon and click yes on the browser pop up.

Once the application has the appropriate permissions, simply click the microphone icon again and speak directly the Athena.

Your voice message will transcribed in real time into the input box. When your message is complete simply click submit!