Start Chat via Email


Send an email to Athena Intelligence to kick off a new chat or share documents, and continue the conversation in the Chat module.

Athena can see emails and forwarded threads, but doesn't track new emails on cc'd threads (coming soon). Athena can only see the content that's present when you send an email.

Attached documents will be uploaded to the platform and shared with the workspace in Drive.

To view the conversation, go to Chat on the platform. Click on the latest chat title labeled [Email] to see Athena's answer to the initial message and continue the conversation.

Athena doesn't respond to emails directly for security reasons. Contact Athena team to enable email responses.

  1. Open your email client and start a new email or forward a thread

  2. Enter the email address in the 'To' field

  3. Type your question or request in the email body and send the email

  4. Go to Chat on Athena platform and find the conversation with [Email] labe

Example: Send a new email: Find 10 latest EV launches

Example: [forward thread] summarize the thread and make a list of mentioned requests to the analytics team.

Detailed Instructions

Create a New Email or Forward a Thread

Open your email client and create a new email or choose an existing thread and click "Forward".

Use Your Registered Email

Make sure to use the same email address you signed up with on Athena Intelligence. This ensures that your email is correctly recognized and processed by the platform.

In the To field, enter the email address ""

In the main body of the email, type your question or the request you want to send to Athena. If you forward a thread, give some context on how to use the information in the thread to answer the question.

Accessing the Chat

To view Athena's answer, start by switching to the Athena platform tab in your web browser.

In the chat section, you may need to refresh the page to see the latest conversations. Click on the Reload button of your browser to refresh.

Conversations started from email will have [Email] in their titles. Click on this conversation to view Athena's reply.

You can continue the conversation from there to ask follow-up questions or otherwise use the content sent over email for analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Send your email to to interact with Athena Intelligence.

  • You can find responses in the Chat section of the Athena Intelligence platform. Refresh the page if needed to see the latest responses.

  • If you don't receive a response from Athena, check your email for any errors and resend it. Also, ensure that your email address is the same as the one used to sign up for Athena Intelligence account.